At a time when loneliness was at its peak, we looked to reconnect the disconnected by creating Britain’s least lonely hour with giffgaff. The Have A Proper Chat initiative launched on 18th February between 6-7pm, encouraging the nation to pick up the phone and have a meaningful catch up with someone they know. We directly involved the giffgaff community in the brand’s social purpose throughout the campaign, successfully harnessing ‘people power’ to combat loneliness. Giffgaffers also benefited by receiving free calls and texts during the Have A Proper Chat hour.

We launched our campaign with a fantastically vibrant animation, featuring relationship therapist Simone Bose explaining the science behind how a chinwag can help us all feel more connected. This relatable, easily digestible edutainment piece grabbed the country’s attention and got Britain in the mood to Have a Proper Chat.

A partnership with Global Radio generated strong reach and engagement, including support from TV presenter AJ Odudu. The campaign was amplified across Global Radio’s leading commercial stations, including Capital, Heart and Radio X, and received 26 pieces of nationwide coverage from The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Star and a host more